Rapidex English Speaking Course Book PDF in Hindi 2022

Rapidex English Speaking Course Book PDF in Hindi 2022

Rapidex English Speaking Course

Rapidex English Speaking Course Book PDF Summary:- In this article, we are going to upload the Rapidex English Speaking Course Book PDF in Hindi language to help you. Friends if you want to improve your English speaking then this is the best book for you. In this book, the author provided everything to improve the English speaking. Rapidex improves your English communication skills very easily. Many people improve their communication skills by using this great book. You can read very simple procedures and methods to speak English.

Everyone has faced many problems in English communication that’s why we have uploaded the Rapidex book to help you. There are many English speaking course books available in the market but you have to choose the best one. Rapidex English Speaking Course Book PDF download link is given at the bottom of this article. You can direct download PDF of Rapidex English Speaking Course Book for free using the download button. Rapidex English Speaking Course Book PDF in Hindi 2022.

Rapidex English Speaking Course Book Pdf in Hindi आज के समय में English बोलना सभी को नही आता है लेकिन जिस भी व्यक्ति को अंग्रेजी बोलना और लिखना आता है तो उस व्यक्ति को सभी लोग बहुत ही जायदा पढ़ा लिखा हुआ समझते है क्योकि जिस देश में Hindi सबसे जायदा बोली जाती हो और वहां कोई अंग्रेजी भाषा बोले तो लोग उससे काफी Impress होने लगते है | दोस्तों यदि आप भी अंग्रेजी बोलना चाहते है तो आप लोग एक दम सही वेबसाइट पर आयें है क्योकि आपको हमारी वेबसाइट के माध्यम से आज Rapidex English Speaking course Book PDF in Hindi में मिलने वाली है जिसे पुरे भारत देश में सबसे जायदा पसंद किया जाता है |

English Notes PDF 

English Rapidex Speaking Course

After reading the book, if you practice with the cassette according to the given instructions, we are sure that your hesitation to speak English will be completely gone. In this way, this PDF will teach you the correct pronunciation of English and will be very helpful in eliminating the hesitation in speaking intermittently.

Due to its unique features, this new Rapidex English Speaking Course will become a course for successful life in future or to say that this course has helped me to learn English. Because this course will not only teach you to speak English, but will also develop your entire personality.

All of you have supported the way in which this course has been followed and its long development and journey through the suggestions and feedback given from time to time. And we have only hope from this pdf that you will use this pdf in the same way.

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Salutation Words in English
Good Manner Words in English
Exclamation Words in English
Frequently used phrases
Pronunciation of Alphabet
Mute Letters and Capitals
Days and Week
Year and Months


The Sentence
Question Form
Imperative Sentences
Miscellaneous Model Sentences
Some Auxiliary Verbs
Verbs and their three Forms
Present Tense
Past Tense
Future Tense
Active and Passive Voice
Some Adverbs and Conjunctions
Comparative and Superlative Words
Transformation of Sentences
What time is it?
Direct and Indirect Speech


My Motherland
Politeness and Etiquette
Body, Health, and Beauty
Greeting and Gratitude
Books and Reading
Trees, Plants, and Vegetation
Cautions and Signals
Work and Rest
We and Weather
Leisure and Pleasure
Pleasures and Pain
Childhood, Youth and Old Age
Bazar and Shopping
Dealings and Occupation
Dress and Food
Feelings and Emotions
Advice and Opinion
Birds and Beasts
Love and Marriage
Office and Bank


Father and daughter
Mother and son
Talking to a girl
Talking to a boy
Conversation between two students
Getting ready for the office
The arrival of a guest
Talking to a servant
A birthday party
Meeting on the way
At the bus stop
Speaking to the class teacher
A bookseller’s shop
Booking a trunk call
At the general store
At the departmental store
On the Railway Platform
An accident
At the Airport
At the Bank opening account
Visiting a patient
Asking the address
Facing an interview
Financial matters
Day to day difficulties
Word formation and Vocabulary
Reduplicative, Conversion, Blends
Words often confused
Nationality words
Some foreign words and phrases in English
One word substitution
Animals cries and other sounds
Collective phrases
Some set comparisons
Here is a challenging quiz on English grammar, with answers. Make your children answer these simple questions. Are they ready?

Questions On Noun

A noun is a word used to identify the name of a person, place, animal or thing.

Example: Adele is an award-winning artist.

Here, the noun is Adele, which is the name of a person.

Identify the noun in the following sentences:
1. I live in Amsterdam.

1. In
2. Live
3. Amsterdam
4. I

Answer: Amsterdam

2. I visited the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

1. The
2. Paris
3. Eiffel Tower and Paris
4. Eiffel Tower

Answer: Eiffel Tower and Paris

3. Bhutan is a beautiful country.

1. A
2. Country
3. Beautiful
4. Bhutan

Answer: Bhutan

4. Summer is very hot.

1. Summer
2. Very
3. Hot
4. Is

Answer: Summer

5. The moon looks so beautiful.

1. Looks
2. Moon
3. The
4. Beautiful

Answer: Moon

6. The doctor is an expert in his field.

1. His
2. Expert
3. Field
4. Doctor

Answer: Doctor

7. The mailman Mr. Joe was carrying postcards.

1. Mailman
2. Mr. Joe
3. Postcards
4. Mailman, Mr. Joe and postcards

Answer: Mailman, Mr. Joe and postcards

8. Are these mangoes tasty?

1. Tasty
2. Are
3. These
4. Mangoes

Answer: Mangoes

9. Hello Sophie! Will you play football with us as the climate is beautiful and the team is one player short?

1. Football
2. Sophie, football, climate, team, player
3. Team
4. Climate

Answer: Sophie, football, climate, team, player

10. Mike’s birthday party at the Sheraton was a success.

1. Sheraton
2. Mike
3. Mike, party, Sheraton
4. Party

Answer: Mike, party, Sheraton

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Questions On Pronoun

A pronoun is a word used in the place of a noun in any sentence. These are used to avoid the repetitive usage of a noun in a sentence.

Example: Roger runs very fast. And Roger has won several competitions.

Roger runs very fast. And he has won several competitions.

Identify the pronoun in the following sentences:
11. They were having dinner.

1. Dinner
2. They
3. Were
4. Having

Answer: They

12. I want to sleep.

1. To
2. Sleep
3. I
4. Want

Answer: I

13. Is that my laptop?

1. My
2. Laptop
3. Is
4. That

Answer: My

14. Everyone is sleeping in the dorm room.

1. Sleeping
2. Dorm
3. Room
4. Everyone

Answer: Everyone

15. We were playing scrabble.

1. Playing
2. Scrabble
3. We
4. Were

Answer: We

16. Look at Ellen, she is a beautiful artist.

1. Beautiful
2. She
3. Ellen
4. Artist

Answer: She

17. He is good at cricket.

1. At
2. Good
3. Cricket
4. He

Answer: He

18. This house is mine.

1. This
2. House
3. Mine
4. Is

Answer: Mine

19. Would you like to have coffee?

1. Coffee
2. Have
3. You
4. Would

Answer: You

20. Did you hear that?

1. That
2. Did
3. You
4. Hear

Answer: That

Questions On Verb

The verb describes an action, occurrence or happening of an act.

Example: Adam is singing.

Here, singing is the verb, which denotes an act of doing something.

Identify the verb in the following sentences:
21. The monkey sat by the door.

1. Monkey
2. By
3. Door
4. Sat

Answer: Sat

22. Jack left in a hurry.

1. A
2. Hurry
3. Jack
4. Left

Answer: Left

23. Michelle hurt her elbow while playing.

1. Hurt
2. Elbow
3. Michelle
4. Hurt, playing

Answer: Hurt, playing

24. Please open the door.

1. Open
2. The
3. Please
4. Door

Answer: Open

25. She bought a new car and started taking her driving lessons.

1. Started
2. New
3. Taking
4. Bought, started, taking

Answer: Bought, started, taking

26. Joe accepted the job offer.

1. The
2. Job
3. Accepted
4. Joe

Answer: Accepted

27. Kelly enjoys hip-hop music.

1. Kelly
2. Hip-hop
3. Music
4. Enjoys

Answer: Enjoys

28. We went to the grocery store and bought so many items that carrying them home became difficult.

1. Went
2. Bought
3. Carrying
4. All three

Answer: All three

29. The accountant is calculating the expenditure for the month of February.

1. Accountant
2. Calculating
3. Month
4. Expenditure

Answer: Calculating

30. Johnson earns a lot of money but he spends it too.

1. Earns
2. Spends
3. Earns and spends
4. Johnson

Answer: Earns

Questions On Adverb

An adverb is a word that revises a verb, adjective, clause, phrase, preposition, or a sentence.

Example: She is usually late to the class.

Here, the adverb is usually, which is modifying the verb in the sentence.

Identify the Adverb in the following sentences:
31. Marcus always arrives early.

1. Arrives
2. Always
3. Early
4. Marcus

Answer: Always

32. Their pets go everywhere together.

1. Their
2. Go
3. Together
4. Everywhere

Answer: Everywhere

33. The little kid ran excitedly.

1. The
2. Little
3. Ran
4. Excitedly

Answer: Excitedly

34. They ran quickly to catch the bus.

1. Catch
2. Ran
3. Quickly
4. Bus

Answer: Quickly

35. The students had worked very hard.

1. Students
2. Worked
3. Very
4. Hard

Answer: Hard

36. The musical concert ended abruptly.

1. Concert
2. Ended
3. Abruptly
4. Musical

Answer: Abruptly

37. Brisk walking is a healthy exercise.

1. Brisk
2. Healthy
3. A
4. Walking

Answer: Brisk

38. The show is starting now.

1. Starting
2. The
3. Show
4. Now

Answer: Now

39. The dog looked at his owner curiously.

1. Dog
2. Looked
3. At
4. Curiously

Answer: Curiously

40. The soccer team almost quit.

1. Soccer
2. Team
3. Quit
4. Almost

Answer: Almost

Questions On Adjective

Adjectives are words used to modify a noun or phrase in a sentence.

Example: The mountaintops are covered in sparkling snow.

Here, sparkling modifies the meaning of the word snow.

Identify the adjective in the following sentences:
41. Ria lives in a beautiful house.

1. Ria
2. House
3. Beautiful
4. Lives

Answer: Beautiful

42. This store has a nice collection of shoes.

1. Store
2. Collection
3. Nice
4. Shoes

Answer: Nice

43. Linda McKenzie has five children.

1. Linda
2. Has
3. Children
4. Five

Answer: Five

44. There were 80 chairs in the auditorium.

1. Were
2. Auditorium
3. 80
4. Chairs

Answer: 80

45. A colorful butterfly was sitting in the garden.

1. Garden
2. Colorful
3. Sitting
4. Butterfly

Answer: Colorful

46. Only a few mangoes are remaining in the basket.

1. Basket
2. A few
3. Mangoes
4. Remaining

Answer: A few

47. This hot and humid weather is exhausting.

1. Hot
2. Humid
3. Hot and humid
4. Exhausting

Answer: Hot and humid

48. Sophie is a part-time worker at the salon.

1. Sophie
2. Part-time
3. Worker
4. Salon

Answer: Part-time

49. Meera lost her brown bag.

1. Meera
2. Brown
3. Bag
4. Lost

Answer: Brown

GK Notes PDF

Questions On Vocabulary

Identify the synonym from the options given below:
1. Listen

1. Hear
2. Quiet
3. Play
4. Whisper

Answer: Hear

2. Relax

1. Sleep
2. Sit
3. Rest
4. Lie down

Answer: Rest

3. Tiny

1. Small
2. Few
3. Calm
4. Lot

Answer: Small

4. Positive

1. Optimistic
2. Negative
3. Addition
4. Neutral

Answer: Optimistic

5. Delicate

1. Fragile
2. Strong
3. Firm
4. Indolent

Answer: Fragile

6. Nice

1. Pleasant
2. Fortunate
3. Impartial
4. Cool

Answer: Pleasant

7. Fast

1. Quick
2. Slow
3. Steady
4. Consistent

Answer: Quick

Identify the antonym from the options given below:
8. Polite

1. Rude
2. Crazy
3. Irritable
4. Angry

Answer: Rude

9. Defend

1. Play
2. Attack
3. Walk
4. Jump

Answer: Attack

10. Gloomy

1. Dull
2. Cool
3. Chilling
4. Cheerful

Answer: Cheerful

1. Comic

1. Tragic
2. Scenic
3. Laugh
4. Loud

Answer: Tragic

2. Noisy

1. Peaceful
2. Quiet
3. Still
4. Flowy

Answer: Quiet

3. Timid

1. Bold
2. Violent
3. Fake
4. Vulnerable

Answer: Bold

4. Wealth

1. Rich
2. Poor
3. Homeless
4. Luxury

Answer: Poor

Choose The Right Spelling:
5. It is _______.

1. Wndrful
2. Wonderfool
3. Wunderful
4. Wonderful

Answer: Wonderful]

6. I have a _______.

1. Tooth Ache
2. Toothace
3. Tuthach
4. Toothache

Answer: Toothache

7. The train _______ on time.

1. Arrivid
2. Arived
3. Arrived
4. Arrevied

Answer: Arrived

8. _________ spend most of their time on research.

1. Scientists
2. Scintist
3. Scintests
4. Scienntists

Answer: Scientists

9. He _________ to eat.

1. Continus
2. Continuing
3. Continued
4. Continue

Answer: Continued

10. Are you ________?

1. Surprise
2. Surprising
3. Surprisingly
4. Surprised

Answer: Surprised

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