Indian Railway General Knowledge PDF For Group D & ALP Exams

Railways GK
Railways GK

Indian Railway General Knowledge PDF  For Group D & ALP Exams


Today, we are sharing an Indian Railway General Knowledge PDF For Group D & ALP Exams. This is very useful for the upcoming competitive exams like SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS, RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, and many other exams. Indian Railway General Knowledge. This is Indian Railway General Knowledge PDF  For Group D & ALP Examsvery useful for the upcoming competitive exams like SSC CGL is very important for any competitive exam and this is very useful for it. this FREE PDF will be very helpful for your examination. is an online Educational Platform, where you can download free PDF for UPSC, SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS, RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, and many other exams. Our Indian Railway General Knowledge PDF  For Group D & ALP Exams is very Simple and Easy. We also Cover Basic Topics like Maths, Geography, History, Polity, etc and study materials including previous Year Question Papers, Current Affairs, Important Formulas, etc for upcoming Banking, UPSC, SSC CGL Exams. Our PDF will help you to upgrade your mark in any competitive exam.


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Topic name:- Indian Railway General Knowledge PDF  For Group D & ALP Exams

Number of Pages:- 6

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Topics Include In Indian Railway General Knowledge PDF  For Group D & ALP Exams

1. Who was the first President of the Indian National Congress?


A. Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee


B. Bal Gangadhar Tilak


C. Allan Octavian Hume


D. Dadabhai Naoroji


Answer: A


2. The Mughal empire was founded by –


A. Babur


B. Humnayun


C. Akbar


D. Shah Jahan


Answer: A


3. The oldest oil field in Asia is located in –


A. Gujarat


B. Assam


C. Arunachal Pradesh


D. Nagaland


Answer: B


4. Which of the following is false?


Sound waves are ____________ waves.


A. Pressure


B. Longitudinal


C. Electromagnetic


D. Mechanical


Answer: C


5. Which of the following coloured light has the lowest frequency?


A. Green


B. Blue


C. Red


D. Violet


Answer: C


6. The only non-metal which is liquid at room temperature is –


A. Mercury


B. Bromine


C. Chlorine


D. Gallium


Answer: B



7. Choose the one which is different or odd from the following.


A. Aluminum


B. Iron


C. Copper


D. Brass


Answer: D


8. In 1981, ISRO launched India’s first geostationary satellite called –


A. Aryabhata




C. Bhaskara II




Answer: B


9. Which of the following was the first antibiotic discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928?


A. Penicillin


B. Prontosil


C. Streptomycin


D. Tetracycline


Answer: A


10. Which of the following Acts under the Indian Constitution is described by Article 21A?


A. Right to Education


B. Right to Information


C. Representation of the People


D. Right to Freedom of Religion


Answer: A


11. ‘Which of the following monuments built by Muhammad Quli Qutb shah is said to be built to commemorate the eradication of plague?


A. Alai Minar


B. Charminar


C. Fateh Burj


D. Qutub Minar


Answer: B


12. The ‘Father of Indian Space Program’ is –


A. Dr. A. P.J. Abdul Kalam


B. Dr. Vikram A. Sarabhai


C. Dr. K. Kasturirangan


D. Prof. Satish Dhawan


Answer: B


13. The filament of a 1iaht bulb is made up of –


A. Platinum


B. Tantalum


C. Tungsten


D. Antimony


Answer: C


14. What is C12H12O11 also known as –


A. Sand


B. Sugar


C. Salt


D. Clay


Answer: B


15. In Tennis, hard court is the type of court whose surface is made of –


A. Concrete


B. Clay


C. Grass


D. Carpet


Answer: A


16. The national song of India was composed by –


A. Rabindranath Tagore


B. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee


C. Pydimarri Venkata Subba Rao


D. Pingali Venkayya


Answer: B


17. Which of the following is NOT an effect of Noise Pollution?


A. Death of Animals


B. Tinnitus


C. Hypertension


D. Ozone Depletion


Answer: D


18. The planet Mars is also known as the ____________.


A. Morning star


B. Evening star


C. Red planet


D. Blue planet


Answer: C


19. What is the common name of the solution of calcium hydroxide?


A. Lime water


B. Diet soda


C. Salt solution


D. Vinegar


Answer: A


20. Name the first woman to head a paramilitary force.


A. Divya Ajith


B. Archana Ramasundaram


C. Punita Arora


D. Ashwini Pawar


Answer: B


21. Who was known as Badshah Khan?


A. Mohammed All Jinnah


B. Abul Kalam Azad


C. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan


D. Khan Abdul Wali Khan


Answer: C


23. The political system in Afghanistan is known as


A. Islamic State of Afghanistan


B. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan


C. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


D. Islamic Government of Afghanistan


Answer: C


24. Who was the first chairman of ISRO?


A. Kasturirangan


B. Vikram Sarabhai


C. Homi K. Bhabha


D. C. V. Raman


Answer: B


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25. The popular Yankee Stadium in USA is located at


A. Boston


B. New York


C. Las Vegas


D. Washington


Answer: B


26. An electric motor converts


A. Mechanical energy into electrical energy.


B. Thermal energy into electrical energy.


C. Electrical energy into mechanical energy.


D. Radiant energy into electrical energy.


Answer: C


27. The Prime Minister is the ex-officio President of










Answer: B


28. Microsoft Corporation was founded in


A. 1979


B. 1981


C. 1975


D. 1965


Answer: C


29. Parliament House in Delhi was constructed during


A. 1895-1900


B. 1901-1909


C. 1921-1927


D. 1931-1935


Answer: C


30. The Hornbill festival is celebrated in


A. Arunachal Pradesh


B. Nagaland


C. Odisha


D. West Bengal


Answer: B


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