Indian Constitution book PDF Download-Bhartiya Samvidhan


Indian Constitution Book PDF Download Bhartiya Samvidhan Book 

Indian Constitution PDF: Indian Constitution Book PDF File has brought the total Article of Indian Constitution and their complete details, very important for you, in many ODI exam 2 or 4 questions related to Constitution Bhartiya samvidhan are definitely asked, and good times. Due to lack of complete memorization, you can get some marks less and there is a danger of going down from the merit list, so today Article 1 to Article 395 related to the Constitution Mpuarn important information you can anywhere read by Download featured Srtm by Click on Download below. is an online Educational Platform, where you can download free PDF for UPSC, SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS,  RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, and many other exams.  Our NEET full form is very Simple and Easy. We also Cover Basic Topics like Maths, Geography, History, Polity, etc and study materials including previous Year Question Papers, Current Affairs, Important Formulas, etc for upcoming Banking, UPSC, SSC CGL Exams. Our PDF will help you to upgrade your marks in any competitive exam.


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Indian Constitution

  • Entire paragraph
  • Languages ​​of 8th schedule
  • Mog of Indian Constitution
  • Cabinet Mission (1946)
  • Member of the draft committee
  • Constitution-making
  • Constituent Assembly Committee
  • Features of Indian Constitution
  • Sources of Indian Constitution
  • The preamble to the Constitution
  • Union and its territory
  • State reorganization commission
  • Constitution of states by constitutional amendment
  • 3 methods of termination of citizenship
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Classification of Fundamental Rights
  • Directive Principles of State Policy
  • Complete information of the President
  • Prime Minister’s complete information
  • Governor’s complete information
  • National emblem
  • Constitutional amendment
  • Complete information of Jammu and Kashmir Constitution
  • Legislative Council
  • State council
  • Complete assembly information
  • A compilation of many important questions related to the constitution and state system etc. is available in a PDF.

Indian Constitution Amendment

So, we are telling you about important constitutional amendments, out of which you can complete the Indian Constitution Question Answer PDF. Because in every competitive exam, questions are asked from it-

  1. 1st Constitution Amendment (1951) – The 9th Schedule has been added to the Indian Constitution by it.
  2. 7th Constitution Amendment (1956) – 14 states and 6 union territories have been reorganized by reorganizing the states.
  3. 10th Constitutional Amendment (1961) – Dadra and Nagar Haveli, who was freed from Portuguese rule, were included in the Indian Union.
  4. 12th Constitutional Amendment (1962) – Goa, Daman, and Diu were merged into the Indian Union by this.
  5. 14th Constitution Amendment (1962) – By this, Pondicherry was merged into India as a Union Territory.
  6. 18th Constitutional Amendment (1966) – Punjab, Haryana State and Chandigarh were made Union Territories by reorganizing Punjab State.
  7. 21st Constitution Amendment (1967) – Sindhi language was included in the 8th schedule by it.
  8. 24th Constitution Amendment (1971) – Through this Parliament has been given the right to amend any part of the Constitution including fundamental rights.
  9. 45th Constitution Amendment (1974) – By this Sikkim was given the status of a co-state in the Indian Union.
  10. 36th Constitution Amendment (1975) – By this, Sikkim was included as the 22nd state in the Indian Union.
  11. 42nd Constitution Amendment (1976) – This constitution amendment was done on the basis of the recommendation of Swaran Singh Commission at the time of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. This is the largest constitutional amendment ever. This constitutional amendment is called a small constitution. There were 59 provisions in this constitutional amendment.
  12. In the preamble of the constitution, the words ‘secular socialist and integrity’ were added.
  13. Fundamental duties were included in the constitution.
  14. Education, forest and wildlife, subjects of the state list were included in the concurrent list.
  15. The term of the Lok Sabha and the Vidhan Sabha was increased to 5 to 6 years.
  16. The President was forced to act as per the advice of the Council of Ministers.
  17. The Constitution amendment made by the Parliament has been barred from challenging in the court.

44th Constitution Amendment (1978)

  1. The right to property has been removed from the fundamental rights and made a legal right.
  2. The term of the Lok Sabha and the Vidhan Sabha was reduced to 5 years.
  3. The declaration of national emergency cannot be done on the basis of internal disturbance but because of armed rebellion.
  4. The President was empowered that he could return the advice of the Board of Ministers once for reconsideration. But the second time he would be obliged to follow the advice.
  5. 48th Constitution Amendment (1984) – By changing Article 356 (5) of the constitution, it was arranged that the period of President’s rule in Punjab can be extended by two more years.
  6. 52nd Constitution Amendment (1985) – By this, a law was made to prevent the change of party by adding the 10th schedule to the constitution.
  7. 56th Constitution Amendment (1987) – By this, Goa was placed in the category of the state.
  8. 61st Constitutional Amendment (1989) – Article 326 of the Constitution was amended to reduce the age of suffrage in Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies from 21 years to 18 years.
  9. 71st Constitution Amendment (1992) – Kokani, Manipuri and Nepali languages ​​were added by it in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution.
  10. 73rd Constitutional Amendment (1992) – Through this, a provision was made for the establishment of Panchayati State in the entire country by adding 11th Anusuchi to the Constitution.
  11. 74th Constitutional Amendment (1992) – It added constitutional protection to the local local government by adding 12th schedule to the constitution.
  12. 84th Constitution Amendment (2001) – It allowed the delimitation of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha constituencies on the basis of 1991 census.
  13. 86th Constitution Amendment (2003) – Through this, primary education was brought under the category of Fundamental Rights.
  14. 91st Constitution Amendment (2003)
  15. Through this, there is a provision to limit the size of the Council of Ministers of the Center and the States and ban the change of party.
  16. According to this, the number of members in the Council of Ministers cannot be more than 15% of the total members of the Lok Sabha or the Legislative Assembly of that state.
  17. Also, the maximum number of members of the council of ministers of small states has been fixed at 12.
  18. 2nd Constitutional Amendment (2003) – Bodo, Dogri, Maithili and Santhali languages ​​have been included in the 8th schedule of the constitution.
  19. 103rd Constitution Amendment – Minority status to Jain community.
  20. 108th Constitution Amendment – 33% reservation for women in Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha.
  21. 109th Constitution Amendment – 33% to 50% women reservation in Panchayati State.
  22. 110th Constitution Amendment – Women’s Reservation in Local Bodies 33% to 50%.
  23. 114th Constitution Amendment – 62 years to 65 years of age of High Court judges.
  24. 115th Constitution Amendment – GST (Goods and Services Tax)
  25. 117th Constitution Amendment – Promotion reservation of SC and ST in government services

Indian Constitution Book PDF Download Bhartiya Samvidhan Book 

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