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Question No (1) Ghats at Varanasi is located in which state of India?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh.

Question No (2) Where is Junagarh Fort in India?

Answer: Bikaner.

Question No (3) What is the height of Lotus Temple?

Answer: 34 m.

Question No (4) Prithviraj Chauhan was an Indian king from which dynasty?

Answer: Chahamana.

Question No (5) UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Elephanta Caves’ is located at where?

Answer: Gharapuri in Mumbai.

Question No (6) What is the capital of Sri Lanka?

Answer: Colombo.

Question No (7) Saturn is the ____ planet from the Sun?

Answer: Sixth.

Question No (8) Physicist ‘Albert Einstein’ was born on which date?

Answer: 14 March 1879 in Germany.

Question No (9) Slogan ‘tum mujhe khoon do main tumhe azadi dunga’ given by whom?

Answer: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Question No (10) World War I (WW1) ended on which date?

Answer: 11 November 1918.

Question No (11) Indian writer ‘Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’ born on which date?

Answer: 27 June 1838.

Question No (12) In which year the Rabindranath Tagore won the ‘Nobel Prize in Literature’?

Answer: 1913.

Question No (13) Which is the highest civilian award of the Republic of India?

Answer: The Bharat Ratna Award.

Question No (14) Who was first captain of India national football team?

Answer: Gostha Pal.

Question No (15) What is the capital of Japan?

Answer: Tokyo.

Question No (16) Indian Railways Founded in which year?

Answer: 8 May 1845.

Question No (17) Where is the Bhojtal Lake in India?

Answer: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Question No (18) Bogibeel Bridge (in the Indian state of Assam) stand over which river?

Answer: Brahmaputra river.

Question No (19) Goa is famous for what?

Answer: Beaches.

Question No (20) WWW is stand for what?

Answer: World Wide Web.

Question No (21) What is the biggest bone of the human body?

Answer: Fimar.

Question No (22) Who was the originator of the Bhakti movement in Punjab?

Answer: Guru Nanak.

Question No (23) When is ‘World Environment Day’ celebrated?

Answer: June 5.

Question No (24) Where is India’s first underground nuclear explosion?

Answer: In Pokhran.

Question No (25) Who is the Chief Advisor to the governor?

Answer: Chief Minister.

Gk Questions for Class 4 is helpful for all the students.who are attending quiz competitions this list will give a better idea and easy information. we collected a huge list of Gk Questions for Class 6 students from previous quiz competitions. Here is the additional advantage we have given download so you use this data to prepare in offline.
Gk Questions for Class 4
Gk Questions for Class 4 with Answers
Tell me the first female Indian Astronaut?
Ans: Kalpana Chawla
Tell Me our galaxy Name?
Tell me insect having colorful wings?
ANS: Butterfly
If Kolkata is the city of Joy, then Jaipur is the city of?
ANS: Pink
The Jungle Book story main character name is?
ANS: Mowgli
In the human body, how many numbers of bones are there?
ANS: 206
Where the Golden Temple is located in India?
ANS: Amritsar
In which sports the LBW is related?
ANS: Cricket
How did you call a female horse as?
ANS: Mare
Who was India’s captain in 2011 Cricket World Cup?
ANS: Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Who won FIFA FOOTBALL world cup last year in Russia?
ANS: France
Do fishes breathe with the help of?
ANS: Gills
Tell me Exact ROM full form?
 ANS:Read Only Memory
Tell me the color of symbolizes peace?
ANS: White
India’s largest freshwater lake is located at?
ANS: Wular lake
Father of the Indian Constitution is called as?
ANS: B R Ambedkar
Tell me the NEWS full form?
ANS: North East West South
slogan jai Jawan jai Kisan was named by?
ANS: Lal Bahadur Shastri
The man who called Punjab Kesari was?
ANS: Lala lajpat Rai
Tell me the largest organ of your body?
ANS: Lungs
In which festival the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated?
ANS: Christmas
Name the animal eats snow?
ANS: Yak
One who goes to another country for residence called as?
ANS: Immigrant
Who was the first Indian woman to win a Nobel Prize ?
ANS: Mother Teresa
what gas is used to fill the Balloons?
ANS: Helium
where is ground Zero?
Which state is the Tea-Garden of India?
ANS: Assam
The holy river of India is named as?
ANS: Ganges






















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