English Grammar Article Determiner Part III

English Grammar Article  (Determiner) Part  III

English Grammar plays an important role in ascertain success in any competitive exam  like  Banking, SSC, UPSC, PSC. English Grammar helps in  scoring the merit marks.

Vocabulary and Grammar have close relation because  without Grammar Vocabulary  is  useless and  without  Vocabulary Grammar  is useless. In order to  understand the  Applied Grammar it is  necessary to fully  understand  the rules in order to use it  properly. So in gktrick.in we are providing topic  by topic     Grammar rules with practice  questions and pdf . In  continuation  of this series , today we are providing  you  English  Grammar Article  Determiner Part III which is a Part and Parcel of English Grammar  Article Determiners part I and  II .

 Article Determiner  part II  में हमने Definite Article Theके बारे में देखा। और   English Grammar Article Determiner  Part III में 

 The zero article (Omission of Article ): (X) को डिसकस किया जायेगा ।  जिसने भी हमारे पिछले blog  को miss  किया  उनके लिए  यहाँ  पिछले blog  का link   share  कर रहा हु,       


English Grammar Article (Determiners) Part II

Article दो  प्रकार के है :

Indefinite Article : A/An

Definite Article : The

The zero article (Omission of Article ): (X)

1.Plural Countable Nouns: Girls do better than X boys at school

Some people want X chips with everything

2 . Uncountable  (always singular): X Butter makes you fat

3    Abstract Noun (always singular )  X Honesty is the best policy in the world.

4.   Proper nouns: X Jagdish lives in X London

5.  Abbreviations : often acronyms (i.e. words made from the first letters of other words), include:

           Organizations: ___X__NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

           Chemical symbols: ___X__H2O (water).

            Acronyms which form ‘real words: BASIC (Beginners’ All-purpose  Symbolic Instruction Code);

             radar (Radio Detection And Ranging).

6.   Occupations: ___X__Doctors always support each other.

7.   Animals: ___X__Dogs are known for their loyalty.

8.   Insects:___X__ Ants are found everywhere in  the world.

9.   Plants: ___X__Trees are  the source of  life to man.

10. Products:___X__ Electric Cars are going to capture the market very soon.

11. Zero article + uncountable nouns (always singular)

  1. Food: I take ___X__lunch at 2 pm. 
  2. (Exception 1:When any adjective (quality) of food has been given : Yesterday, I took a very tasty lunch with my cousin.  
  3. (Exception 2When one is invited  for food :  I was invited to the dinner given in the honour of the  CM
  4. Drinks:___X__ Water is a precious gift of nature.
  5. Substances: ___X__ Iron is a leading production material.
  6. Colors:___X__ Red has high wave length.
  7. Activities (In Gerund Form-ing):___X__ Walking is good for  health.
  8. Sports/ Games:___X__ Hockey is played all over the world.
  9. Languages:___X__ English is spoken all over the world .
  10. Collections: It is a myth that ___X__ Money is the root of all the evils.

12.No Article  is used  before the  name of a person.

        ___X__  Gandhiji was born in 1869.

Exception 1: When name is used as a common noun/ class or  used as a simile; Indefinite Article is used.

         We need a Mahatma Gandhi to  save the country.

Exception 2:  When any name is referred or  made particular:

         ___X__Sachin is  called the Bradman  of India.

13. Zero article for seasons

            Birds bloom in Spring .

14. Zero article for festivals:

            ___X__Diwali is celebrated all over the country,

15. Zero article for Language and subjects 

       Art, Biology, Chemistry, Geography. History, Physics, etc.:

           ___X__English is spoken all over the world.

          The English  spoken in  Asia is different  from that of  Europe.

Sub Rule : (The  + Language  refers to the community or clan)

          The English   have ruled over the world.

16. Other combinations with the zero article

A       Zero article with the units  of the day and night

          at dawn, at dusk, at daybreak, at twilight, at sunrise, at sunset, at noon, at midnight, at night

(Exception : in the morning, in the evening, in the afternoon)

B.      Zero article for nouns related to  common destinations like ‘school’, ‘hospital’, bed, church, class, college, court, market,  prison, sea, town, university, work, cathedral, factory, mosque, office, when refer to their ‘primary purpose’,

  1. I go to ___X__school  by bus.
  2. Yesterday,  I went to  the school to pay  his fee. (Article  ‘The’ is used  when referred to the secondary purpose.

C.    Zero article for the mode of  transport(by+ vehicle)

        by boat, by bus, by car, by air by bicycle, by bike, by coach, by land, by plane, by sea, by ship, by tram, by tube, 

       We travelled all over the country ___X__ by bus

(Article  ‘The’ will be  used  with the mode of transport when  used with ‘on or in’)

        He came here on the local bus.

        I go to college  in the new car.

D.    Zero article in fixed phrases

        arm in arm, come to light, face to face, from top to bottom, hand in hand, keep in mind, make friends, make fun of

E.    Zero article for ‘pairs’ joined by ‘and’

       day and night, father and son, husband and wife, light and dark, young and old, pen and ink, sun and moon

F.   Zero article or ‘the’ with place names

17. No article is used with the  name of a place, but the is used with the title like : bay, canal, channel, gulf, kingdom, ocean, republic, river, sea, strait, union. The is often omitted on maps.  

  1. The peaks of  Mountains : ___X__Mount Everest, ___X__Mont Blanc, ___X__Mount K2 
  2. Mountain ranges: the Alps, the Himalayas, The Aravali
  1. No Article is used  with the names of Countries: India, China, England, Germany.
  2. But with Unions and associations or plural in form or meaning;  Article The is used.

      The  Republic of  India, The United  Kingdom, The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Exception: Countries/ States : The Punjab, the Netherlands, the Philippines, The Sudan, The Yemen

18. No Article  will be used with  Determiners Like:

       Each, Every, Either, Neither : All Distributive Determiners

       This, That, These, Those : All Demonstrative Determiners

       My, Our, Your, His, Her, Its, Their: All Possessive Determiners 

      __x___each student of__x___ this class has submitted  ___x___ his project. 


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