1100+biology question answer in hindi pdf 2023

1100+biology question answer in hindi pdf 2023

1100+biology question answer in hindi pdf 2023

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1100+biology question answer in Hindi pdf 2023:– आज हमने 1100+biology question answer in hindi pdf 2023 UPSC, Science Question with Answer PDF Download, Biology One Liner Question And Answer PDF में Biology MCQs, Biology MCQs with Answers PDF, बनाये गए नोट्स आपके लिए सफलता की कुंजी साबित हो सकती है। दोस्तों ये PDF 1100+biology question answer in hindi pdf 2023 और Biology One Liner Question Handwritten Notes, Biology One Liner Question in Hindi PDF, बायोलॉजी के महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न उत्तर, biology questions, and answers pdf free download, भी सिर्फ आप लोगो की सरकारी एग्जाम जैसे UPSC, BANK, POLICE, UPSSC, RPSC, RAILWAY, BANK PO, STATE PCS, IAS, RAS, SSC, SSC GD, PATWARI, आदि में आपकी हेल्प (मदद) के लिए हमारी टीम के द्वारा आप लोगो के साथ साझा किये जा रहे है।

1100+biology question answer in Hindi pdf 2023 आज के इस स्टडी मेटेरियल में आपको Biology One Liner Question Answer PDF, Biology Objective Questions PDF in English, Biology One Liner Questions, 1100+ Biology Questions and Answers PDF के नोट्स, और अन्य (Subject) जैसे – Hindi, English, Maths, Geography, History, Current Affairs, Polity, General Science, Computer, Reasoning, Economics, General Knowledge Etc. की PDF और Handwritten Notes, इ बुक भी अगर आप हमारी साइट पर आकर के सर्च करोगे तो मिल जाएँगे।

इसमें हमने 1100+biology question answer in Hindi pdf 2023, Biology Objective Questions PDF in Hindi, Biology One liners for SSC CGL, Science One liner PDF in English, Biology MCQs for Neet, के बहुत सारे Biology MCQ, biology question answer के डाल दिए जिमे प्रश्नो के साथ -साथ उनके उतर को भी दिया गया है। जिससे आप सवाल और उनके उत्तर को आसानी से याद करने में कोई मुश्किल नहीं होगी और आप तुरंत याद कर पाओगे।

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Biology Related General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Q 1. For which among the following is not a true fruit?

A. Apple
B. Date
C. Grape
D. Plum

Answer : D. Plum

Q 2. Which of the following is least infectious?

A. leprosy
B. hepatitis
C. tuberculosis
D. conjunctivitis

Answer : A. leprosy
Q 3. Which of the following is not a mosquito-borne disease?

A. Dengue fever
B. Malaria
C. Sleeping sickness
D. Filariasis

Answer : C. Sleeping sickness
Q 4. In certain amino acids, which one of the following elements is found in addition to carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen?

A. Phosphorus
B. Zinc
C. Calcium
D. Sulphur

Answer : D. Sulphur
Q 5. Among the following elements, which one is essential for the transmission of impulses in the nerve fibre?

A. Calcium
B. Iron
C. Sodium
D. Zinc

Answer : A. Calcium
Q 6. The vitamin which is very liable and easily destroyed during cooking as well as storage is

A. Vitamin A
B. Vitaminb6
C. Vitamin C
D. Vitamin K

Answer : C. Vitamin C
Q 7. The compound used in anti-malarial drug is

A. Aspirin
B. Neoprene
C. Isoprene
D. Chloroquin

Answer : D. Chloroquin

Q 8. Which of the following is a skin disease?

A. Anaemia
B. Pellagra
C. Osteomalacia
D. Rickets

Answer : B. Pellagra
Q 9. The richest source of vitamin D is

A. Cod liver oil
B. Spinach
C. Milk
D. Cheese

Answer : A. Cod liver oil
Q 10. Which of the following tests helps in diagnosis of cancer?

A. X-ray
B. Urine test
C. Blood test
D. Biopsy test

Answer : D. Biopsy test

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Biology Related General Knowledge questions and answers

Q 11. Which one of the following is an enzyme?

A. Glucagon
B. Insulin
C. Somatotropin
D. Trypsin

Answer : D. Trypsin

Q 12. Which vitamin is provided by sunlight to the body?

A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B
C. Vitamin C
D. Vitamin D

Answer : D. Vitamin D
Q 13. The deficiency of which of the following leads to dental caries?

A. Iron
B. Copper
C. Fluorine
D. Zinc

Answer : C. Fluorine
Q 14. Healing of wounds is hastened by vitamin

A. A
B. E
C. C
D. K

Answer : C. C
Q 15. Which of the following diseases is caused by the bite of a mad dog?

A. Hydrocele
B. Hydrophobia
C. Hydrocephatus
D. Hydroperitoneum

Answer : B. Hydrophobia
Q 16. Which of the following vegetable proteins is considered as good as an animal protein?

A. Soyabean protein
B. corn protein
C. Wheat protein
D. Bengal gram protein

Answer : A. Soyabean protein
Q 17. Carotene in Indian cow’s milk causes

A. Creamish white colour
B. yellow colour
C. deep yellow colour
D. no change

Answer : B. yellow colour

Q 18. A woman who weighs 45 kg and whose work involves a lot of physical exertion needs

A. 2800 calories per day
B. 3000 calories per day
C. 25000 calories per day
D. 3700 calories per day

Answer : B. 3000 calories per day
Q 19. Foot and mouth disease is found in

A. Cats and dogs
B. Cattle
C. Poultry
D. Humans

Answer : B. Cattle
Q 20. Which one of the following is a primate?

A. Bear
B. Otter
C. Loris
D. Pangolin

Answer : C. Loris

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Biology Related General Knowledge questions and answers

Q 21. To which one of the following types of organisms do mushrooms belong?

A. Algae
B. Ferns
C. Fungi
D. Lichens

Answer : C. Fungi

Q 22. Food wrapped in newspaper is likely to get contaminated with

A. Lead
B. Aluminium
C. Iron
D. Magnesium

Answer : A. Lead
Q 23. Which one of the following produces seeds but no flowers?

A. Cashew nut
B. Coffee
C. Ground nut
D. Pine

Answer : C. Ground nut
Q 24. Which one of the following plants is used for green manuring in India?

A. Wheat
B. Sunhemp
C. Cotton
D. Rice

Answer : B. Sunhemp
Q 25. The combination of foods providing protein quality nearest to that of meat is

A. Wheat, dal and groundnuts
B. Bread and butter
C. Sprouted gram and groundnuts
D. Groundnuts and jiggery

Answer : C. Sprouted gram and groundnuts
Q 26. Which one of the following disease is Inheritable?

A. Leukaemia
B. Colour blindness
C. Malignancy
D. Hepatitis

Answer : B. Colour blindness
Q 27. Which one of the following elements are present in all proteins? 1. Carbon 2. Hydrogen 3. Oxygen 4. Nitrogen

A. 2 and 3
B. 1,2 and 4
C. 1,3 and 4
D. 1,2,3 and 4

Answer : D. 1,2,3 and 4

Q 28. For which one among the following diseases no vaccine is yet available?

A. Tetanus
B. Malaria
C. Measles
D. Mumps

Answer : B. Malaria
Q 29. Which of the following vitamins is synthesised in the body by intenstinal bacteria?

A. vitamin B1
B. vitamin B4
C. vitamin D
D. vitaminsK

Answer : D. vitaminsK
Q 30. BCG vaccination (Bacillus Calmette Guerine) is injected to get immunity from

A. Polio
B. Cholera
C. Small pox
D. Tuberculosis

Answer : D. Tuberculosis

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Biology Related General Knowledge questions and answers

Q 31. In which one of the following, antibody formations take place?

A. RBC’s
B. Blood platelets
C. Blood Plasma
D. Donnan’s membrane

Answer : C. Blood Plasma

Q 32. From the evolutionary point of view, which one of the following is closer to man?

A. Dolphin
B. Flying fish
C. shark
D. tortoise

Answer : A. Dolphin
Q 33. How do most insects respire?

A. through skin
B. through gills
C. by lungs
D. by trachea system

Answer : D. by trachea system
Q 34. Which one of the following part of human brain is the regulating centre for swallowing and vomiting?

A. Cerebellum
B. cerebrum
C. medulla oblongata
D. pons

Answer : C. medulla oblongata
Q 35. Production of which one of the following is a function of the liver?

A. Lipase
B. Urea
C. Mucus
D. Hydrochloric acid

Answer : B. Urea
Q 36. During sleep a man’s blood pressure

A. Increases
B. decreases
C. remains constant
D. fluctuates

Answer : D. fluctuates
Q 37. Oncogene is responsible for

A. Aids
B. typhoid
C. malaria
D. cancer

Answer : D. cancer

Q 38. Which acid is produced when milk gets sour?

A. Acetic acid
B. Tartaric acid
C. Lactic acid
D. Butyric acid

Answer : C. Lactic acid
Q 39. Two richest kown sources of edible protein are

A. Meat and eggs
B. Milk and vegetables
C. Soyabean and groundnut
D. Some algae and other micro-organisms

Answer : C. Soyabean and groundnut
Q 40. Which nutrients are most likely to be affected by food processing and storage?

A. Carbohydrates
B. Fats
C. Proteins
D. Vitamins

Answer : D. Vitamins

Biology Related General Knowledge

Q.41 Which one among the following glands is present in pairs in human body?

(A) Adrenal

(B) Liver

(C) Pancreas

(D) Pineal

Ans . A
Q.42 During the process of respiration in human beings, the exchange of gases takes place in

(A) bronchi

(B) alveoli

(C) bronchiole

(D) pleura

Ans . B
Q.43 Which one of the glands in human body produces the growth hormone (Somatotropin)?

(A) Adrenal

(B) Pancrease

(C) Pituitary

(D) Thyroid

Ans . C
Q.44 Which one of the following is a pigment?

(A) Albumin

(B) Elastin

(C) Keratin

(D) Melanin

Ans . D
Q.45 In human beings, the opening of the stomach into the small intestine is called

(A) caecum

(B) ileum

(C) oesophagus

(D) pylorus

Ans . D
Q.46 In which part of the human body do we find the islet of langerhans?

(A) brain

(B) pancreas

(C) kidney

(D) liver

Ans . B
Q.47 Cell or tissue death within a living body is called as

(A) Neutrophilia

(B) Nephrosis

(C) Necrosis

(D) Neoplasia

Ans . C
Q.48 Which part of the human eye is transplanted from a dead donor to a living person?

(A) cornea

(B) retina

(C) iris

(D) sclera

Ans . A
Q.49 In the human body, nails are made up of

(A) melanin

(B) keratin

(C) enamel

(D) cartilage

Ans . B
Q.50 Sweating during exercise indicates operation of which one of the following processes in the human body?

(A) Enthalpy

(B) Homeostasis

(C) Phagocytosis

(D) Osmoregulation

Ans . B

Biology Related General Knowledge

Q.51 When we eat something we like, our mouth waters. This is actually not water but fluid secreted from

(A) nasal glands

(B) oval epithelium

(C) salivary glands

(D) tongue

Ans . C
Q.52 Which of the following is known as the voice box?

(A) trachea

(B) pharynx

(C) epiglottis

(D) larynx

Ans . D
Q.53 Which one among the following will be absorbed fastest through the wall of digestive system?

(A) Black coffee as a hot beverage

(B) DDT taken as a poison

(C) Raw alcohol taken as a drink

(D) Ice cream as a desert

Ans . C
Q.54 It has been observed the astronauts lose substantial quantity of calcium through urine during space flight. This is due to


(B) microgravity

(C) intake of dehydrated food tablet

(D) low temperature in cosmos

Ans . B
Q.55 Cutting and peeling of onion bring tears to the eyes because of the presence of

(A) sulfur in the cell

(B) carbon in the cell

(C) fat in the cell

(D) aminoacid in the cell

Ans . A
Q.56 The contractile proteins in a muscle are

(A) Actin and Myosin

(B) Actin and Tropomyosin

(C) Myosin and Troponin

(D) Troponin and Tropomyosin

Ans . A
Q.57 Which of the following is not an enzyme?

(A) Amylase

(B) Pepsin

(C) Somatotropin

(D) Trypsin

Ans . C
Q.58 Which one of the following is not a part of small intestine?

(A) Caecum

(B) Duodenum

(C) Jejunum

(D) Ileum

Ans . A
Q.59 All enzymes are actually

(A) Carbohydrates

(B) Proteins

(C) Fatty acids

(D) Sterols

Ans . B
Q.60 Cartilage present in body is

(A) a muscular tissue

(B) an epithelial tissue

(C) a connective tissue

(D) a germinal tissue

Ans . C

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